Inference service

Hopsworks provides a REST API for submitting inference requests to the serving server. Currently the API only supports, as backend, the TensorFlow model server, but it will be expanded in the future.

A word of caution: Please note that the Inference REST API is currently in a beta state. The API is experimental as breaking changes might be introduced in the upcoming releases due to integrating further serving technologies.

Send a request

The following is a python skeleton that shows how you can send inference requests to Hopsworks. The skeleton makes uses of the requests library.

# Login with Hopsworks using username and password
credentials = {}
credentials['email'] = ""
credentials['password'] = "userpassword"

login_request ='http://localhost:8080/hopsworks-api/api/auth/login',

# Load the data. This example uses mnist. You can download
# the Python helper script to download the dataset here:
test_data_set = mnist_input_data.read_data_sets(work_dir).test

# Get an image from the dataset
image, label = test_data_set.next_batch(1)

# Prepare the JSON payload. The format of the payload should respect the format
# expected by the TensorFlow model server:
request_data = {}
request_data['signature_name'] = 'predict_images'
request_data['instances'] = image[0].reshape(1, image[0].size).tolist()

# Send the actual request. The path should be composed as follow:
# https://<host>:<ip>/hopsworks-api/api/project/<project_id>/models/<model_name>:predict
r ="http://localhost:8080/hopsworks-api/api/project/80/inference/models/mnist:predict",

Request Logging

If during the serving instance creation you have specified a Kafka Topic to log the inference requests, each request will be logged in the topic.

Inference requests log entries follow this Avro schema:

    "fields": [{
        "name": "modelId",
        "type": "int"
        "name": "modelName",
        "type": "string"
        "name": "modelVersion",
        "type": "int"
        "name": "requestTimestamp",
        "type": "long"
        "name": "responseHttpCode",
        "type": "int"
        "name": "inferenceRequest",
        "type": "string"
        "name": "inferenceResponse",
        "type": "string"
    "name": "inferencelog",
    "type": "record"

In particular the inferenceRequest field contains the payload sent by the client and the inferenceResponse contains the answer given by the serving server.

Check out our Kafka documentation under User Guide, the hops-util-py and HopsUtil libraries to learn how you can read the inference logs from the Kafka topic and make the most out of them.