Version 1.3.0

Upgrading to version 1.3.0 allows for the search of featuregroups and training datasets. In order for search to work on old featuregroups and training datasets, you need to enable reindexing of featurestore index in your upgrade recipe: elastic->featurestore->reindex: true. In order to complete the upgrade, you also need to run expat migration to 1.3.0 so that the necessary extended attributes are attached. The featurestore reindexing can also be done manually from epipe. The two operations: reindex and expat migration are commutative.

There is currently a limitation, for large featuregroups and training datasets and if they contain too many component features, the features will not be searchable. Current limit is about 200 features(we are addressing this limitation in the upcoming version) per featuregroup/trainingdataset, if you want the featuregroup/training dataset to be discoverable through their component feature names as well.