API keys

An API key allows a user or a program to make API calls without having to authenticate with a username and password. To access an endpoint using an API key, a client should send the access token using the ApiKey authentication scheme.

GET /resource HTTP/1.1
Host: server.hopsworks.ai
Authorization: ApiKey <api_key>

Generate an API key

To generate an API key choose Settings from the top right dropdown menu and go to API keys tab. Give the new API key a unique name and add a scope to limit the access rights given to the key. Adding a scope means that you select the APIs that you want to allow this key to access - e.g., ‘serving’ and ‘project’ if this key will be used to access a model being served by Hopsworks.

Create an API key

Create new API key

API key Security

Treat your secret API key as you would any other password:

  1. Select the services for the API key scope.
  2. If an API key is stolen, delete it and then recreate it.
  3. Save your API key in a secure place.
  4. You can’t recover a lost API key.