First Login (without 2-Factor Authentication)

Hopsworks Login Page

Hopsworks Login Page

On initial installation, you can login with the default username and password.

password: admin

Upon successful login, you will arrive on the landing page:

Hopsworks Landing Page

Hopsworks Landing (Home) Page

In the landing page, on the left you can see the Guided tours which will guide you through launching a SparkPi application. On the top center part is the search bar where you can search for public projects and datasets. On the right side, your Projects are listed where you can click and select them. Finally, on the upper right corner is your personal menu and administration panel, and the notifications menu.

If it goes wrong

If login does not succeed, something has gone wrong during installation. The possible sources of error and the Web Application Server (Glassfish) and the database (MySQL Clusters).


  • Double-check that system meets the minimum system requirements for Hopsworks. Is there enough available disk space and memory?

  • Log in to Glassfish and make sure both hopsworks-ear and hopsworks-web are deployed.

  • Default Glassfish credentials are:

    username: adminuser
    password: adminpw
  • Investigate Glassfish misconfiguration problems. Glassfish log file is located at /srv/hops/domain1/logs/server.log. Is Glassfish running? Are the JDBC connections working? Is JavaMail configured correctly?

  • Investigate MySQL Cluster misconfiguration problems. Are the mgm server, data nodes, and MySQL server running? Do the hops and hopsworks databases exist and are they populated with tables and rows? If not, something went wrong during installation.

  • Re-run the installation, as something may have gone wrong during installation.