Erasure Coding

The erasure coding API is flexibly configurable and hence comes with some new configuration options that are shown here. All configuration options can be set by creating an erasure-coding-site.xml in the Hops configuration folder. Note that Hops comes with reasonable default values for all of these values. However, erasure coding needs to be enabled manually.

  • dfs.erasure_coding.enabled: (true/false) Enable/Disable erasure coding.
  • dfs.erasure_coding.codecs.json: List of available erasure coding codecs available. This value is a json field i.e.
              "id" : "xor",
              "parity_dir" : "/raid",
              "stripe_length" : 10,
              "parity_length" : 1,
              "priority" : 100,
              "erasure_code" : "io.hops.erasure_coding.XORCode",
              "description" : "XOR code"
              "id" : "rs",
              "parity_dir" : "/raidrs",
              "stripe_length" : 10,
              "parity_length" : 4,
              "priority" : 300,
              "erasure_code" : "io.hops.erasure_coding.ReedSolomonCode",
              "description" : "ReedSolomonCode code"
              "id" : "src",
              "parity_dir" : "/raidsrc",
              "stripe_length" : 10,
              "parity_length" : 6,
              "parity_length_src" : 2,
              "erasure_code" : "io.hops.erasure_coding.SimpleRegeneratingCode",
              "priority" : 200,
              "description" : "SimpleRegeneratingCode code"
  • dfs.erasure_coding.parity_folder: The HDFS folder to store parity information in. Default value is /parity
  • dfs.erasure_coding.recheck_interval: How frequently should the system schedule encoding or repairs and check their state. Default valude is 300000 ms.
  • dfs.erasure_coding.repair_delay: How long should the system wait before scheduling a repair. Default is 1800000 ms.
  • dfs.erasure_coding.parity_repair_delay: How long should the system wait before scheduling a parity repair. Default is 1800000 ms.
  • dfs.erasure_coding.active_encoding_limit: Maximum number of active encoding jobs. Default is 10.
  • dfs.erasure_coding.active_repair_limit: Maximum number of active repair jobs. Default is 10.
  • dfs.erasure_coding.active_parity_repair_limit: Maximum number of active parity repair jobs. Default is 10.
  • dfs.erasure_coding.deletion_limit: Delete operations to be handle during one round. Default is 100.
  • dfs.erasure_coding.encoding_manager: Implementation of the EncodingManager to be used. Default is io.hops.erasure_coding.MapReduceEncodingManager.
  • dfs.erasure_coding.block_rapair_manager: Implementation of the repair manager to be used. Default is io.hops.erasure_coding.MapReduceBlockRepairManager