Block Reporting

  • This is a global configuration parameter. The leader NameNode only allows certain number of blocks reports such that the maximum number of blocks that are processed by the block reporting sub-system of HopsFS does not exceed in a given block report processing time window.
  • This parameter determines the block report processing time window size. It is defined in milliseconds. If is set to one million and is set to one minutes then the leader NameNode will ensure that at every minute at most 1 million blocks are accepted for processing by the admission control system of the filesystem.
  • Using command hdfs namenode -setBlkRptProcessSize noOfBlks the parameter can be changed. The parameter is stored in the database and the NameNodes periodically read the new value from the database. This parameter determines how frequently a NameNode checks for changes in this parameter. The default is set to 60*1000 milliseconds. dfs.blockreport.numbuckets This parameter defines the number of buckets in the hash-based report. Reconfiguration requires a complete restart of the cluster, and datanodes and namenodes alike must share the same configuration value. ONLY USE THIS IN VERSION