Amazon Machine Images

Hopsworks is available as a community AMI ready to be launched. You can use it to easily create a single-node Hopsworks instance optionally with dedicated GPU for accelerated Deep Learning.

Launch instance

To launch an EC2 instance with Hopsworks installed, you will need an AWS account.

  1. Open Amazon EC2 console
  2. Click Launch instance
  3. On the Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) page, choose Community AMIs on the left
  4. Search for LC-hopsworks-1.4.1 and select the latest image
  5. On the Choose an Instance Type page select the hardware configuration for you instance. For a smooth experience we recommend at minimum t2.2xlarge instance type.
  6. Continue with configuring Instance details Make sure that:
    • The VPC you select has Private DNS hostnames enabled. By default when you create a new VPC, it’s not enabled. To enabled it follow this guide here
    • You Assign a Public IP
  7. Next proceed to Storage and we recommend at least 300GB. Note: EBS performance varies by the size of the volume and by usage - the more you use the drive the fastest it gets.
  8. In Configure Security Group tab make sure you allow at least port 22. You can also open port 443 to access Hopsworks. Otherwise you must tunnel it using SSH.

Access Hopsworks

The instance will be created and automatically initialized. It will take around 5 minutes to initialize Hopsworks. When the initialization has finished you should be able to access it with your browser at https://YOUR_PUBLIC_IP/hopsworks

As we don’t setup a public DNS for your instance, ignore the security warning for the self-signed certificate. The instance comes preconfigured with administrative login credentials which you should change, see First Login (without 2-Factor Authentication).