MetaData Attachment and Entry

Within the context of a project, click on the Data Sets tab. From here, click on a Data Set. Inside the Data Set, if you select any file or directory, the rightmost panel will display any extended metadata associated with the file or directory. If no extended metadata is assocated with the file/directory, you will see “No metadata template attached” in the rightmost panel. You can attach an existing metadata template to the file or directory by right-clicking on it, and selecting Add metadata template. The metadata can then be selected from the set of available templates (designed or uploaded).

After one or more metadata templates have been attached to the file/directory, if the file is selected, the metadata templates are now visible in the rightmost panel. The metadata can be edited in place by clicking on the + icon beside the metadata attribute. More than one extended metadata value can be added for each attribute, if the attribute is a string attribute.

Metadata values can also be removed, and metadata templates can be removed from files/directories using the Data Set service.